Ladies Fund's Idol Award 2017 for PPR

Ladies Fund's Idol Award 2017 for PPR community resource person

Pic : Mr. Muhammad Zubair, Governor Sindh presented the awardto Gul Nazar(A PPR community resource person)

Gul Nazar, a PPR community resource person in health from the Kalasha Valley in Chitral has received the Dawood Global Foundation Ladies Fund’s Idol Award 2017. Honourable Mr. Muhammad Zubair, Governor Sindh presented the award. Gul Nazar, Master's in Botany from Quaid -e- Azam University, Islamabad has been awarded for her commendable contribution towards mobilizing women in Kalasha Valley under Italian funded Programme for Poverty Reduction (PPR). After completion of her degree in 2016, she decided to go back to Kalasha Valley to serve her underprivileged area. She has spearheaded a series of household sessions with Kalasha women around disease prevention, nutrition, WASH and mother and child health that has resulted in reducing vulnerability of women and children against various diseases.

Ladies Fund was established in 2007 as an initiative to provide financial security to women and to promote and train women entrepreneurs. It aims to integrate the entrepreneurial needs based on the economic and social aspects of the local communities, with respect to greater women participation in the workforce. The Ladies Fund’s Idol Award recognizes an individual who has truly transformed their community and the nation and who is an inspiration to other rural women and a role model for self-reliance.

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