Workshops on Gender Mainstreaming for staff and LSO members

Workshops on Gender Mainstreaming for staff and LSO members

Session on Gender and Development

As per the agreed action of the last implementation support mission of the World Bank (WB), PPAF is making efforts to improve women participation up to 50% in programme activities. For the purpose, the consultant, hired in previous quarter, organized need assessment workshops on women inclusion in PPR districts in Baluchistan in the previous quarter. Three events were conducted in Lower Dir, Lasbela and Quetta. Afterwards, focus group discussions were conducted with the community members for analyzing the situation in the area. Based on findings of consultative workshops and focus group discussions, a draft manual was developed to impart training on Gender Mainstreaming to staff of PPR partner organizations as well as key members of LSOs. The main purpose of designing training manual was to increase gender sensitization and understanding of staff of implementing partners and members of LSOs so that they should be able to mainstream gender in their work.

First workshop was held in Lower Dir from Dec 18-19, 2017 which was attended by 28 participants (14 men and 14 women). Second workshop was conducted from Jan 04-05, 2018 in Quetta. Total 35 participants attended the training (16 men and 19 women). Third Workshop was conducted from Jan 17-18, 2018 in Lasbela. Total 20 participants attended the training (9 men and 11 women). The main purpose of the workshops was to build understanding of participants (i.e. staff of partner organizations and members of LSOs) about the concept of gender and to mainstream gender in their policies, programmes and projects.

The training focused on increasing awareness and knowledge about gender among participants and to increase gender analytical skills in order to improve behaviors at individual and community level. Various topics including difference between gender and sex, gender roles, gender division of labor, gender needs and power relations, gender and development, gender mainstreaming including defining gender mainstreaming, gender mainstreaming strategies and tools in project cycle were discussed. A mix class sessions, group exercises and role plays were used to impart the training.

The workshops were conducted in highly participatory manner in which men and women participants were able to share their experiences, participated in role plays, conducted presentations and case study analysis.Participants stated that the training achieved the pre -determined objectives which included increasing gender sensitization and understanding of gender and how to mainstream in development work at community level. Many of the participants also reflected in their feedback sessions that it was first time they understood the concept of gender, gender equality and equity as well as importance of women inclusion in their work.

Role Play on Gender reproductive role

Group Work on mainstreaming women in PPR activities

Role play on How to mainstream women in interventions