Rabihat Jameel - PPR Amtul Raqeeb Award Winner - 2018

Rabihat Jameel - PPR Amtul Raqeeb Award Winner

Pakistan Poverty Alleviation fund organized 7th PPAF Amtul Raqeeb Award on March 8, 2018 to acknowledge the exceptional contributions of women in PPAF supported community institutions across country in order to mark International Women’s Day 2018. Each year nominees are selected on the basis of their contributions as women entrepreneurs, social activists and innovative champions for bringing positive change at the household and community level. This year the award highlighted the work of seven women champions which also includes one of the bravest women “Rabihat Jameel” of district Bajaur Agency. Rabihat Jameel belongs to deprived area of UC Pachagan, District Bajaur of KPK. Most of the households of village Shamla Qalla are poor and women don’t have access to education, health and having limited socio-economic opportunities. Women are extremely under privileged as they are confined to houses and have no access to basic services. They could not go out without their household head permission. Many children particularly girls were not going school.

Being literate women in village, she became member and then president of women community organization Shamla Qalla in which she organize regular meetings and highlighted the importance of women empowerment, importance of health and hygiene and quality education etc. She has been selected as community resource person in health. She got training on health and Hygiene and MNCH under PPR training program for health CRPs. She conducted 85 HH level sessions in her own village in which community members were mobilized on basic hygiene and health. Due to these session and other health related activities most of the community is adopting health seeking behavior, like WASH & hygiene practices in their daily routine. Community linkages were also developed with health department through the platform of LSO. Rabihat says, "After the PPR interventions in community mobilization and health I have noticed that the ratio of mortality reduced from 4.5 to 3.3 percent. Furthermore after staff appointment anti-natal and post-natal checkups ratio rapidly rose up to about 75% increase “.