Italian Mission to Chitral

Italian Mission to Chitral

Pic : Mr. Domenico Bruzzone, Director, Italian Development Cooperation during the visit

An Italian Support Mission comprising Dr. Domenico Bruzzone, Director, Italian Development Cooperation/AICS, Ms. Paola Manfredi, South Asian Crafts & Textiles Development Consultant and Ms. Maria Vittoria Saccarello, Italian Archaeologist visited District Chitral & Valleys of Kalash in last week of August 2016 where they were taken to various PPR (Programme for Poverty Reduction) project areas focusing on preservation of cultural heritage.

They were provided an opportunity to meet local communities and artisans who gave them in depth details about their culture, lifestyles and products. They also met representatives of local government and media.

During the mission, Dr. Domenico Bruzzone inaugurated Grambat Gol street pavement scheme in Kalaash Valley, Union Council Ayun, Chitral during his current visit to Chitral, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Villagers were facing hygiene and related health issues due to unpaved streets and water accumulation. On their identification, PPAF initiated the scheme through AKRSP under its Programme for Poverty Reduction (PPR) funded by Italian government. Around 50 households of the village are being benefitted from the scheme.