Our Program

Implementation strategy

PPAF provides financing through both "grants and loans". Organisations may receive both or any one form of assistance. The themes of social inclusion, gender, and environment are the common threads running through all projects of PPAF and programmes and make up substantive components within all our work.

The programmes are carried out through organizations that are non-governmental in nature with an underlying focus on a community-led, demand-driven approach emphasizing community ownership right from identification and preparation to implementation and finally management of these interventions in a sustained fashion.

Our Strategic framework

PPAF’s current strategic objectives emanate from a variety of determinants running the gamut from Pakistan’s current economic and security situation, its responsibilities as a global community member, and prevailing and successful trends in the development arena, to more importantly -lessons learnt from our own past experiences.

  • From outreach to scale to depth
  • Explicit focus on Millennium Development Goals
  • Spatial dimension of poverty
  • Growth dimension of poverty
  • Reinforcing writ of the State
  • Strengthening institutions of the poor
  • Introducing integrated multi-sectoral programs

In line with PPAF’s overall strategic objectives, following is the implementation framework for PPR: