Incentivizing Development

Incentivizing Development: Stakeholders’ Consultation on Innovative Approaches To Social Mobilization

Pic :Mr Qazi Azmat Isa (CEO PPAF)

The event was organized by Programme for Poverty Reduction (PPR), on January 13, 2016 in Islamabad by gathering all PPR POs, experts, and PPAF staff under one roof.
The purpose of the event was to initiate a dialogue among development sector stakeholders around social mobilization and to get an insight for designing PPR interventions in line with the requirements and needs of the communities and areas we work in. The main focus of the event was to discuss various ways of social mobilization especially in conflict affected areas of Pakistan and other situations by using the innovative approaches currently on the ground.

The event was started with a welcome note from Ms Shama Maqbool (Project Head - PPR) who elaborated the objectives of the event along with highlighting the importance of exploring innovative methodology of social mobilization.

Three keynote speakers Ms Musarrat Qadeem (Co-founder PAIMAN Alumini Trust), Mr. Naseer Memon (CEO, Strengthening Participatory Organization) and Mr Ghulam Mustafa (CEO Farmers Development Organization) joined the event to present their innovative approaches through virtual presentations. There was also a panel discussion that was moderated by Ms Samia Liaqat Ali Khan (Group Head CQA - PPAF) in which all participants shared their experiences. The event also included a group work and discussion around the themes sustainability, governance and inclusion, to highlight the challenges and finding possible solutions. Ms Samia wrapped up the event by thanking all three guests for introducing their best practices.

The consultation event was concluded by Mr Qazi Azmat Isa (CEO PPAF) with a hope for building strong and longer term relationships with communities that will go well beyond the project focus. In his end note, he stressed on reflecting the things in real by working as partners and community mobilizers and encouraged such gatherings of POs and experts to know innovations for project implementation.