Qazi Azmat Isa

CEO, Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund

The PPR is an exciting and challenging program for us at the Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund. With the Government of Italy’s unmitigated support, we are accessing 14 districts in the country’s most neglected and poverty stricken areas in KP, Balochistan and FATA. With this program, we hope to leverage earlier investments in community mobilization, livelihoods, infrastructure, health and education. The meticulous attention to detail that PPAF follows in all it donor programs-a detailed baseline study, project plans as per Community led planning tools and then third party impact, is being followed for the PPR. This is crucial so that the differences before during and after our interventions are implemented can be observed. We hope to pave the path for other institutions that work in these areas by constantly sharing our partners’ best practices. In this manner, the PPR provides an opportunity to leverage the Government of Italy’s significant contribution to Pakistan in the areas of livelihoods, agriculture value chains and heritage preservation. We are grateful to the continued technical assistance extended to us by the GoI for this program.

The journey of ishq, ilm and amal (passion, knowledge and action) is indeed a challenging one-but for us at PPAF and our friends from the Government of Italy, its rewards in empowerment and stability far surpass the challenge. Village by village, Union Council by Union Council, we will inshaAllah transform the landscape of this country.